Pada buku Bahasa Inggris kelas 8 halaman 90, terdapat tugas Collecting Information dalam Chapter 7. Tugas pada buku Bahasa Inggris kelas 8 halaman 90 memuat soal tentang mencari perbedaan pada hewan.

Sebelum melihat kunci jawaban Bahasa Inggris kelas 8, siswa diharapkan dapat terlebih dahulu menjawab soal secara mandiri.



Collecting Information

There are many animals around us. We will find three different animals and describe them one by one.

Here are what we will do. First, we will study the given example about the rabbit. Second, in the group we will discuss and decide three animals to write about. We will find good pictures of the animals.

Third, by using the table of analysis, we will plan what to write about the animals, one by
one. We will put into each column a relevant piece of information about each animal. Finally, we will use the sentences in the table to make a good paragraph about each of the animals.

We will use a dictionary. We will spell the words and use the punctuation marks correctly. We will also say each word loudly, clearly, and correctly. If we have any problems, we will go to our teacher for help.

– Animal:

– Habitat:

– Food:

– Activity:

– Characteristics:



1. Animal: Rabbit

  • Habitat: They live in burrows
  • Food: They eat carrots
  • Activity: They hop
  • Characteristics: Rabbits are tame animal

They have two long ears


2. Animal: Dog

  • Habitat: They live among human
  • Food: They eat meat
  • Activity: They bark
  • Characteristics: Dogs are very close animal to human


3. Animal: Fish

  • Habitat: They easily find in waterways like river or pond
  • Food: They eat insect in the water
  • Activity: They can swim very fast
  • Characteristics: There are many kinds of fish in the world



1. Rabbits are tame animals. They have two long ears. They eat carrots. They hop. They live in burrows.

2. Dogs are animals that are very close to humans. They live among humans and eat meat that humans left. They usually bark.

3. Fish are animals that can be easily found in waterways like rivers or ponds. They eat insects in the water. There are so many kinds of fish in the world.


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