Di halaman 121, siswa diminta Smenganalisis dua teks yang tersedia. Kunci jawaban mata pelajaran Bahasa Inggris semester 2 kelas 12 SMA/MA/SMK ini hanya sebagai referensi atau panduan siswa dalam belajar. Sebelum melihat kunci jawaban, siswa dapat terlebih dahulu mengerjakan soalnya sendiri.


Task 1: Observe and compare the text.

Observe these two texts.

In groups, compare them using the questions that follow.



1. Do the texts contain time sequencers (e.g., first, second, next, then, etc.)? What are their functions?


Yes, they do.

Time sequences in text 1 serve to show the sequence of events that grade 12 students did during their visit to the botanical garden.

Time sequences in text 2 serve to show the sequence of the wet combing process to deal with head lice.


2. Do you think the two texts have the same purpose in society? Why do you think so?


No, they don’t.

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Text 1 : is a recount text, the purpose of recount text is to retell to the reader about an event in the past.

Text 2 is categorized as a procedure text, the purpose is to explain to the reader how to make/operate/do something coherently.

So, the two texts do not have the same function and purpose for readers.


Disclaimer : Latihan soal dan jawaban ini berupa pertanyaan terbuka yang artinya ada beberapa jawaban tidak terpaku seperti di atas. Semoga bermanfaat, terima kasih