Observing and Asking Questions

We will work in group. We will list the speakers statements about the animals.

Everyone of us will handwrite the sentences on a piece of paper.

Finally, in each group, we will read all the sentences to each other, orally.

What do they say about the animals?

5. Siti says that giraffes gave curly eyelashes.

6. Lina say girrafes’s eyelashes are adobrable.

7. Beni say have black and white stripes on their body.

8. Udin say each zebra has different pattern.

9. Edo says that it (different pattern of zebra) is very interesting.

10. Dayu says that elephants are huge.

11. Udin says that tigers have sharp teeth.

12. Siti says that they (tigers) have powerful legs.


Disclaimer : Kunci jawaban soal ini hanya sebagai referensi belajar bagi siswa. Jika ada kesamaan jawaban maka itu hanya kebetulan saja.