Daftar Isi

1. Napolen repelled Snowball from the farm and abused his powers that made the life even harder for the other animals in Manor farm.

2. The pig taught the other animals to read and write, and worked for the animal revolution.

3. The old Major spoke about animal freedom which then inspired Snowball and Napoleon to take on the leadership roles.

4. The animals realized and witnessed the cruelty and tyranny of of the pigs led by Napoleon.

5. The animals overheard the conversations of Napoleon and the other pigs with humans talking about their success to fool other animals for their own benefits.

6. The animals lived as livestock on Manor farm which was owned by Mr. Jones.

7. Napoleon and Snowball led the animals in Manor farm to rebel and take control of the farm.


1. e

2. c

3. b

4. g

5. f

6. a

7. d


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