Observing & Asking Questions

We will discuss what we can learn from “Sangkuriang”

Here are what we will do. First, we will read the questions carefully. Second, we will find the answer from the story in our notebook. Then, we will answer the questions orally. We can ask our teacher questions, too.

We will use a dictionary. We will make sure we know the meaning of every word in the folktale. We will spell the words and use the punctuation marks correctly. We will say the words loudly, clearly, and correctly.



When Sangkuriang saw Dayang Sumbi, he proposed to marry her. Was he a bad son to his mother? Why did he want to marry her?




No, he was not a bad son to his mother.

He didn’t know that Dayang Sumbi was his mother.

He wanted to marry her because she was a beautiful young woman.



Disclaimer : Latihan soal dan jawaban ini bukan bocoran penilaian harian. Ini hanya sebagai referensi belajar bagi siswa. Jika ada kesamaan soal maka itu hanya kebetulan saja.