You are doing the History Project with your group at the library after school. Your best friend cannot finish his/her part. Offer a help to do it together.



Ayu: Okay guys. We should collect this History Project to Mr. Anton tomorrow, so we should finish it today.

Nadya: i still doing my part, and i think i cannot finish it. I still don’t understand about this chapter.

Ayu: Which part do you find difficult? let me help you.

Nadya: This part about making descriptive text make me confuse.

Ayu: Oh well. We should doing this part together guys. So we can finish it today on time.

Alfian: Okay lets doing it

Rendi: Lets go. So we can go to the canteen after we finish it.

Nadya: Thank you so much for helping me guys.

Ayu: It’s okay Nadya. I am happy for helping you

Alfian: Anytime Nadya. you are our tim anyway

Rendi: it is fine Nadya. We should helping each other, right?



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